Stittsville Public School Council


Next Council Meeting April 18, 2017


7:00 Welcome and intro (Sabrina Kemp and Shannon Helleman)

- Additions/changes to agenda

- Approval of agenda and approval of March minutes

New Business

7:05 Grade 6 Leaving Ceremony Update (Angela Viktora and Erin Bowditch)

Executive Reports

7:15 Chair Report (Sabrina Kemp and Shannon Helleman)

- News from the Board

7:20 Treasurers Report (Ryan Dawe)

- Update on 2016-2017 budget

7:30 Principal's Report (Catherine Donnelly)

- Update on school policies - dress code, code of behaviour, and allergy policy

7:40 Vice-Principal's Report (Donna Boyle)

7:45 Teachers Report (Maura Cuffari / Virginia O'Halloran)

7:55 Fundraising Report (Kristin Harcoff and Donna Edwards)

- Update on Fun Fair (George Ingraham)

8:05 Food Program Report (Lorrie Hayes)

8:10 Safe and Caring Schools Update (Kim Medaglia, Cathy Smith Coote, Angela Viktora

8:15 Volunteer Report (Cathy Smith Coote)

8:20 OCASC Report (Stephanie Pulleyblank)


8:25 Adjournment (Sabrina Kemp and Shannon Helleman)

Last meeting: May 16,2017