Stittsville Public School Council
 Co-Chairs  Sabrina Kemp and Shannon Helleman
 Secretary George Ingraham
 Treasurer  Ryan Dawe
 Fundraising Coordinators  Donna Edwards and Kristin Harcoff
 Food Coordinator   Lorrie Hayes
 Communications/Web Coordinator  Jackie Connors
 Volunteer Coordinator  Cathy Coote
 SCSC Representatives  Kim Medaglia, Kristin Kilby, Cathy Coote, Angela Viktora
 OCASC Representative  Stephanie Pulleyblank
 Teacher Representatives  Virginia O'Halloran and Maura Cuffari
 Members at Large Melissa Aitken, Megan Baker,
Cathy Coote,
Jacqueline Davis,
Debbie Goodleff, George Ingraham, Kristin Kilby, Michelle Legault, Julie Smith, Kathryn Spence, Angela Viktora

All of the above positions are voting members and must be a parent/guardian of a student enrolled at the school.  Elections take place at the first Council meeting in September.  Any parent/guardian of a student at the school is entitled to run for a position.


Additional members include the school Principal (Catherine Donnelly) and/or Vice-Principal (Donna Boyle), one teacher elected by their peers, one administrative/support staff elected by their peers, and one community representative appointed by the Council.


Each position is voted in for a one year period.  A member may be removed from Council if they miss more than three meetings.

Who Are We




 Council is composed of the following volunteers: